Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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Here are potential events resulting from certain active configurations of planets, expanding on few previous posts.

19-29 May 2024: Emotional and Chaotic Time
Mars will go across the solar eclipse point of 25 degrees Pisces that occurred on 8 April 2024. The 24-25 May 2024, May will be the period that their conjunction will be precise and the most strong. This, in conjunction with the ‘Angaraka Yoga’ has the potential to bring about highly charged or explosive occurrences during the second part of the month of May. As a result any of the problems that were indicated by my most recent posts may be brought to the surface

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Here is a snapshot from previous posts: Potentially much harm can come to the entire Globe, such as
• Considerable increase in the number of violent Military Conflict
• War like scenario
• Conflict amongst nations has the potential to take a very terrible turn.
• Spark religious disputes
• Violent acts against women in some major nations
• Man-made Disasters
• Terror attacks
• Sabotage
• Natural Disasters. Water and Air elements would play a significant role. I would expect Heavy rains, cloud bursts, Cyclone, Floods, Earth quakes, Ice may melt at the faster rate, Floods,
• Secrecy and/or Spies at work
• Rise in Inflation
• Slowdown of Economy in most parts of the world
• War and crime would escalate
• Risk of Nuclear War
• Political Scandals at peak
•Disputes related with Religion, Spirituality and Holy places
• Revelation of hidden secrets
• The stock market may be in chaos
• Underground efforts to destabilise countries
• Health of powerful people will be in danger
• Socio-political instability
• Military Actions
• Possible assassination attempt of the Leader
Please Note: During this period, everyone needs to be cautious on a personal level to avoid engaging in excessive emotionalism, engaging in illogical thinking and behaviour, engaging in escapist habits, and unhealthy personal boundaries.

23-26 May 2024: Lack of Self-control and Global Conflict
Jupiter acts as the Guru of the Demi-Gods (Devas) while Venus does the same for the Demons (Asuras). Both of them will be still combust and also under a planetary war, indicating need for Self-Control, materialism, and heightened conflict in the world. These two groups represent the conflicting energies of brilliance and darkness that are continuously at war inside the realm. Because of the tremendous struggle between these opposing forces, there is a risk of increased violence and aggression, economic instability, and political corruption. 22-24 May 2024: Fire, Water, Gases are activated . Water may include Fuels of any sort, oil of any types, etc. This all leads to WARS escalation and/or BLOODSHED like scenario. God Bless

30-31 May 2024: Extreme Care is Required w.r.t ‘Communication’
Due to Mercury Conjoining Uranus, right at the cusps of Aries & Taurus, one may need to be extremely careful w.r.t Communication. Despite the fact that the majority of the world is now in a state of complete and utter chaos. During this time, we need to practice heightened care with respect to all elements of communication, including gadgets, appliances, computers, transportation, and travel concerns. It is important to remember to keep your head down and refrain from making hasty decisions & judgements.
19 May 2024 – 13 June 2024: Spotlight on Shadow side of Things/People
Venus in Taurus would stimulate the energies of the fixed star Taurus; because it is in combustion, it affects all aspects of Venus, such as relationships, riches, values, peace, harmony, arts, culture, and beauty. The elixir of life would also be depleted throughout this period.

5-10 July 2024: Here is an another time frame during which an Assassination like incident could occur
Please Note: • Anticipate too much violence, dishonesty, and discontent around. These days, this anger might manifest itself physically as terror acts and group conflicts or as discomfort on a national and worldwide scale.

• Weather will get hotter in northern hemisphere and colder in southern hemisphere as fiery energy increase. However, since this is a blend of fiery and airy energies in a water sign, there is a significant probability of heavy rains, floods, tsunami, thunderstorms, clous bursts and cyclones in certain locations.

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