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In the vibrant intersection of music and engineering, a remarkable and ambitious professional young boy is carving out a legacy of excellence. Pursuing a dual degree in music and engineering, this individual has not only demonstrated a profound understanding of music theory and history but has also showcased exceptional skills as a flautist, vocalist, violinist, and pianist. Their journey unfolds as a captivating saga, marked by international performances at renowned venues like Universal Studios and Disney USA, as well as the Prince Philip National Service.
In an exclusive interview with The Indian News, New Zealand born Krishna Peddinti spoke about his passion for music from an early age of 3 and his dream of beyond his technical prowess, this prodigious talent exudes natural leadership qualities. Taking on pivotal roles such as Concertmaster, Leader, and Conductor, they have guided ensembles through events, practices, and competitions with confidence and finesse. What sets them apart is not just their musical virtuosity but also their ability to forge connections and foster a sense of community through the universal language of music.
The list of accolades for this multi-faceted artist includes active participation in all of King’s College’s distinguished bands and choirs. From the Kapella Choir and All the Kings Men Choir to the King’s Chamber Choir, Glee Band, Chapel Choir, Year 9 Band, King’s College Symphony Orchestra, Premier Concert Band, Strong Orchestra, and Disney Tour Band, their musical footprint spans diverse genres and ensembles.
A highlight in their journey involves being part of King’s invitation to perform at Disney 100 Years, July 4th celebrations, and Universal Studios in LA, USA. Additionally, their participation in Disney’s Imagination Campus Workshop attests to the international recognition of their talent. The role of Concertmaster of the King’s Symphony Orchestra and Leader of All the King’s Men Choir further exemplify their versatility and leadership prowess.
Krishna’s academic accomplishments seamlessly complement his musical achievements. As the Cultural Leader/Prefect of Kings College, he has successfully balanced academic excellence with his commitment to the arts. Recognized as the winner of the Under 17 SAPACS Duet section and awarded the Gold/Tui at the Big Sing Cadenza, his musical journey is punctuated with triumphs.
International representation for New Zealand at the Eisteddfod Llangollen International Music Competition solidifies his standing on the global stage. Placing first in Section A8 of the Children’s Choir Competition and being crowned “Children’s Choir of the World” highlights his ability to transcend borders and captivate audiences worldwide.
As Krishna awaits for the results of his ATCL Level 4 Trinity diploma exam in Singing, this dual-degree prodigy remains actively engaged. Selected for the 2024 Academy choir and New Zealand Youth choir reserve, he continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication to his craft. The Duke of Edinburgh Gold award stands as a testament to his commitment to personal development and community service.
Krishna’s involvement in various events, such as the ANZAC Public Dawn National Service and the National Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, funeral service with NZSSC, showcase his willingness to contribute to significant national occasions. The Big Sing Nationals Choir Competition, where he secured Gold with All the Kings Men Choir and Silver with Chamber Choir, underscores his consistency in delivering outstanding performances.
From being recognized as the Under 16 SAPACS Junior Vocalist Champion to winning the Vally Voices Champion title, this artist’s vocal prowess has been consistently acknowledged. Whether it’s participating in the King’s Soloist Competition or securing a place in the New Zealand Secondary School Nationals Choir, his commitment to musical excellence remains unwavering.
As the recipient of the Lloyd Webber prize for Arts/Music Leadership and the overall winner and Best Lead Singer in the Kings School Battle of the Bands, he embodies the spirit of artistic leadership. Appointed to the lead voice role for the Auckland Opera Factory Annual Production and selected as a Member of the Children’s Chorus of The New Zealand Opera, he continues to explore and excel in diverse musical avenues.
In the realm of classical music, Krishna’s achievements extend from winning the Classical Vocal Singing Competition and the Group Ensemble Competition at King’s School to being a finalist in the Violin Competition. Recognition in the Lewis Eaddy Annual Junior School Music Festival with various ensembles further attests to his versatility and mastery across instruments.
The story of Krishna is one of relentless pursuit of excellence across the realms of music and engineering. His journey, marked by international recognitions, leadership roles, academic achievements, and a myriad of awards, paints a portrait of a true artist and scholar inspiring thousands of his peers. As he awaits the results of his recent diploma exam and explore new musical horizons, the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the symphony of his extraordinary career. -Yugal Parashar

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