Mon. May 27th, 2024
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As India inches closer to the 18th Lok Sabha elections, the much-anticipated upheaval has begun in the country on different fronts in a bid to make a dent to Modi government’s soaring popularity. The I.N.D.I. Alliance has broken into pieces even before it could create any resistance to the ruling party alliance. The popularity of Narendra Modi and BJP is all time high and opposition parties are clueless on how to fight with it. So, many opposition parties led by Aam Admi Party and Congress party have once again created the so-called Farmers agitation with a demand charter which no government of the world can ever meet. Recommendations for better crop price to farmers by Swaminathan committee were given to the previous UPA government in 2006 but the UPA government did nothing about it in next 8 years of their rule.
The same Congress party is now supporting famers on their flimsy and unrealistic demands since they know they can never be fulfilled. If they are genuinely concerned about farmer’s demands, then why the UPA government did not action on it in their 8-year rule after receiving these recommendations. On the other hand, Aam Admi Party which has its government in Punjab and supports farmers demands pushed these agitators towards Delhi instead of doing anything for them. Actually, its AAP’s ploy to tangle up Modi government in managing large scale violent protests to divert attention from Arvind Kejriwal, who is constantly dodging the summons from investigating agencies in corruption charges. Modi government is once bitten twice shy and is fully prepared this time to teach a lesson to these unruly mobs in guise of farmers. In almost 3 weeks till now and all tricks of these hooligans to reach Delhi have been foiled by Modi government. Since opposition parties have nothing credible to say against this government so they are stooping to these low-level tactics to fight the Modi government.
It’s so unfortunate that like previous agitations, this unruly and violent protest is also being funded and supported by enemies of India and anti-India vested interests. Separatist elements from Punjab are openly threatening to kill the Prime Minister and demanding for a separate state for Sikhs. This certainly can’t be called farmers agitation and farmers don’t live in Punjab alone. This is purely a vicious political agenda created and supported by enemies of Bharat. Even today, more than 70 percent of India’s population lives in villages and they are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture so why the farmers of Punjab only have problems with government. These agitators have exposed themselves too early from the start of their drama, even when centre is ready to discuss all their demands. When negotiators’ sensed government is well prepared to meet most of their reasonable demands, they immediately change the goal post. This is simply because the intention is not to reach to any conclusion so they can continue demanding about something which can never be met.
What is happening at Shambhu border today should be a wake-up call for rest of the country as in past 9-10 years a section of society has evolved a tendency of pressurising the government by show of mob and horde of violent crowds. These thugs know very well now they can’t defeat the Modi government in elections and their old gimmick of blaming EVMs also doesn’t work anymore so their last resort is to create unrest in the country. Be prepared, in coming weeks this unscrupulous bunch of anti-nationals would use every trick in the book to create chaos, panic, and anarchy in the country.
These political jokers do not want to understand that people of country are smart enough to differentiate between good and bad, however hard they may try to mislead them. For last 10 years, people are witnessing the changes happening in their everyday life and the rising stature of a strong nation bestows a sense of pride in every citizen. Sadly, some foreign and internal powers who can’t see rise of Bharat are always ready to support such fringe elements, so it’s time people of country stand in solidarity with the nation. -Yugal Parashar

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