Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
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The Indian Navy has declared 2024 the ‘Year of Naval Civilians’ to improve the administration, efficiency, and well-being of Naval Civilians by addressing all facets of Civilian HR Management in a time-bound manner.
Major focus areas towards maximizing administrative efficiency, digital initiatives, generic and specific training programs and welfare activities have been identified for implementation in 2024, according to an official press release by the Indian Navy.
The Naval Civilian Personnel constitute about a third of the Indian Navy’s total workforce and contribute significantly to its operational effectiveness across all domains. Civilian personnel impact the overall performance of Naval formations such as Command Headquarters, Dockyards, Material Organizations, Naval Armament Depots, Naval Armament Inspectorates, Training Establishments and several other types of support units.
A number of initiatives have been conceived and implemented in the past in order to enhance organizational efficiency and satisfaction levels amongst civilian personnel.
However, it is imperative that impetus be provided to their administration, training, welfare etc. so that they effectively contribute towards ensuring that the Indian Navy always remains a combat ready, credible, cohesive and future-proof force. Declaring 2024 as a year dedicated to them is a step in this direction, the Indian Navy stated in an official release. -TIN Bureau


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