Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
a view of sea waves at tajpur beach aftermath of cyclone yaasWest Bengal, May 28 (ANI): A view of sea waves at Tajpur beach aftermath of cyclone Yaas in East Midnapore on Friday. (ANI Photo)

Amid heavy rains and gusty winds, severe Cyclone ‘Remal’ started crossing the coasts of Bangladesh and West Bengal on Sunday night, Dhaka Tribune reported, citing the meteorological department.

Around 8 p.m., the cyclone’s eye moved from the southwest side of Mongla to the coasts of West Bengal and Khepupara in Bangladesh, according to Shamim Ahsan, deputy director of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department’s Cyclone Warning Centre.
The periphery of Cyclone ‘Remal’ had hit the coast of Satkhira district of Bangladesh earlier on Sunday evening.
According to Julfikar Ali of the Satkhira weather office, the centre of the cyclone was predicted to pass the coast at roughly 9 p.m.
The meteorologist said that the speed of the wind was 90-120 kmph, within 62 km of the cyclone centre.
“Strong waves are crashing on embankments. Some parts have collapsed, and water is entering the surrounding villages. [The cyclone] is coming towards the coast at a speed of 8-10 kmph. The wind speed is 90-120kmph within 62km of the cyclone centre, as a result of which there is a risk tidal surge of up to 12 feet along the coast,” the meteorologist said, according to Dhaka Tribune.
According to Dhaka Tribune report, embankments had collapsed at several points of Kholpetua and Kopotakkho rivers.
Meanwhile, as the incidents of Bangladesh’s coastlines being hit by disasters have seen a massive rise in the last few years, the Deputy Commissioner Md Humayun Kabir said the district administration had taken “all-out preparations” to deal with the cyclone.
As many as 6,000 volunteers were working to bring people to shelters in the coastal areas of Shyamnagar, Asashuni, Kaliganj and Debhata, Dhaka Tribune quoted him as saying.
The impending landfall of cyclone Remal has led to significant disruptions in air, rail, and road transportation in Kolkata and other parts of South Bengal on Sunday.
As a precaution, Kolkata airport authorities suspended flight operations for 21 hours from Sunday noon.
A low-pressure area that was first observed on May 22 in the Bay of Bengal has intensified into a more depressive system, now located in the North Bay of Bengal.
The primary regions affected are West Bengal, Coastal Bangladesh, Tripura and some other parts of north-eastern states. Residents in these areas, as well as in the neighbouring states, are urged to brace for adverse weather conditions starting from May 26.-ANI

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