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The countdown is on! With the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup only days away, many cricket lovers will be gearing up for what they’d consider to be the sporting event of the year. But this World Cup will be a little different, with the United States set to co-host one of cricket’s biggest events for the first time ever. 

For any cricket fanatics travelling across to the land of the Yankees to watch history unfold, Wise has pulled together an expert guide to help you prepare for your trip and get the most out of your money. 

PACK LIKE A PRO – no one wants to be lugging around a heavy suitcase or trudging through crowded malls shopping for extra layers. Try planning outfits in advance, not only will this help you avoid overpacking, it gives you the confidence in knowing you packed everything you need. With the first matches played in Dallas and Florida both forecasted to be sunny days at 31°C during June, all the way to an overcast and showery match in New York at 22°C during June – travelling cricket lovers need to come prepared for any weather. 

USE A MULTI-CURRENCY CARD – whether you’re buying a beer at the match or shopping for some World Cup merch, avoid using your bank card overseas (both credit and debit). Most banks charge a foreign or international transaction fee (sometimes both) often ranging from 2 – 5% of the full transaction amount. Instead, use a Wise multi-currency card, so you can pay in the local currency with no hidden fees or markups.

CHECK THE EXCHANGE RATE – it’s always smart to know the exchange rate (the value of one currency compared to another) before you jet off – this will come in handy when you’re deciding how much to budget for your trip. The NZD is currently buying $0.61 USD.. With this in mind, you may want to beef up your spending budget to ensure you have the funds you need. Here is a breakdown of average costs:

GETTING AROUND TOWN – there are plenty of ways to get around town without the hassle or expense of hiring a car.  DART buses and trains are the best way to travel around Dallas, with plenty of stops and connections – all it costs is USD $3 (NZD $4.89) for a basic fare or USD $6 (NZD $9.78) for a day pass. If you’re in Lauderhill, Florida you can catch a free community bus around town, or pay USD $3.68 – $5.52 (NZD $6 – $9) if you’re keen to train to Miami for a day-trip. New York is a concrete jungle which can be tricky to navigate. If you can’t walk to your destination, the subway will be your best friend, operating 24/7, a single  ride costs USD $2.90 (NZD $4.73) via OMNY contactless payment, or USD $3.25 (NZD $5.30) for a pay-per-ride using the MetroCard single-ride ticket.

CHOOSE YOUR ATM WISELY – the most convenient ATM, isn’t always the best one. Do your research beforehand as exchange booths at the airport are often the most expensive. If there’s a few ATMs close together, check each of them in case one is cheaper to withdraw from, and avoid using your bank card to withdraw, as this often makes fees higher. For those of you considering not taking out cash, think again. Whether you’re tipping servers at a restaurant, paying to enter public restrooms, or visiting the local flea market – cash is still very common, and in some cases the only currency accepted in the States.

TIPPING ETIQUETTE – unlike New Zealand, tipping culture is huge in the States, particularly for those working in customer service roles such as waiters, bartenders and tour guides. Although it isn’t compulsory to tip, it is expected. A significant portion of American wages are made up of tips, which means many workers rely on tips for their livelihood. It can be a confusing custom for Kiwis to understand, so experts recommend tipping 18% on top of the restaurant bill (before sales tax), with 20% given for standard service, and 25% for the best.

GET TRAVEL INSURANCE – while everyone hopes their holiday runs smoothly, the reality is that sometimes things don’t go to plan. Lost or stolen property, missed flights and broken toes are more common than you think. Financially, this is the last country you want to be in when paying for medical treatment – the United States is ranked as having the most expensive healthcare in the world. Get travel insurance to ensure you’re protected against the mishaps you can’t see coming.

TOURIST PASSES – if you’re planning on sight-seeing in between cricket matches, a tourist pass is a must! It’s a pass which gives you access to main tourist attractions in different cities at a cheaper price. The Dallas CityPASS is USD $55.00 (NZD $89.88), giving you access to 4x attractions, from the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck to the Dallas Zoo. The Orlando Sightseeing Pass lets you choose 3x attractions from a list of 40+, including a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour and Sea Life. With The New York Pass you can visit as many attractions as you like from a list of 100+ sites, including Empire State Building Observatory and the American Museum of Natural History, all for the cost of USD $259 (NZD $423)

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