Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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On Saturday, May 4th, a team of Lawn Bowlers from Carlton Cornwall Bowls in Auckland took part in the esteemed five-region challenge held at Kamo Bowling Club in Whangarei. This notable event saw participation from teams representing various regions: Okaihau (Far North), Kensington (Northland), Helensville (North Harbour), and Pukekohe (Counties Manukau). These teams consisted of junior bowlers, defined as those who have been playing for one to five years. To qualify for this challenge, each club team had to win their respective centre championships, demonstrating their prowess and dedication.
The five-region challenge, a significant fixture in the lawn bowling calendar, has been conducted annually since 2004. Competing teams aim for the prestigious Mercedes Benz Trophy, a symbol of excellence and competitive spirit in lawn bowling. For Carlton Cornwall Bowls, this year marked their return to the competition for the first time since 2013, heightening the excitement and expectations surrounding their participation.
The tournament followed a round-robin format, ensuring that each team faced all other teams in a series of matches across different disciplines. Each team was comprised of six players who competed in singles, pairs, and triples matches, testing their versatility and teamwork in various formats of the game.
Mukesh Rohra, a player with five years of experience, captained the Carlton Cornwall team. His leadership was vital in guiding a squad that included bowlers who were relatively new to the sport, having played for only one or two years. Reflecting on the event, Mukesh expressed pride in his team’s performance. “Even though we did not win the tournament, I am very proud of the way the team played,” he said. Mukesh emphasized the excellent camaraderie among the players and the outstanding support from eight dedicated supporters who travelled with the team. His comments highlighted the significance of team spirit and community support in enhancing the overall experience and performance of athletes.
Mukesh also pointed out a significant development at Carlton Cornwall Bowls: the introduction of a coaching program. This initiative has begun to show positive results on the green, contributing to the players’ skill improvement. The coaching program is a strategic effort to elevate the performance of both current and future players, ensuring the club’s continued success in competitive events.

Looking to the future, Mukesh mentioned that although he would no longer qualify as a junior player next year, he remains committed to the development of new players at the club. His dedication to nurturing talent and supporting the growth of newer team members underscores his passion for the sport and his desire to give back to the club that has played a crucial role in his own development as a bowler.
The Carlton Cornwall Bowls team’s participation in the five-region challenge at Kamo Bowling Club was a significant event that showcased the skills and spirit of junior bowlers from various regions. While the team did not win the top prize, their performance, camaraderie, and the support they received were noteworthy. With initiatives like the coaching program in place, the future of the club looks promising, with experienced players like Mukesh Rohra continuing to play a vital role in mentoring and developing new talent.-TIN Bureau

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