Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) has strongly condemned the violent mob attack on a Christian family in Sargodha following false blasphemy allegations. The victims, Nazir Masih and his son Sultan Masih, owners of a small shoe factory in Gill Wala, Mujahid Colony, were brutally attacked by a mob on Saturday.

The incident began when Nazir Masih and Sultan Masih were accused of desecrating pages of the Quran and discarding them in front of their factory.
These accusations prompted individuals to incite a mob, including clerics and Islamic students, who then violently assaulted the Masih family and vandalised their business and home.
“HRFP’s fact-finding team quickly arrived at the scene to provide emergency reporting and assistance. They have highlighted that similar incidents of false blasphemy allegations against Christians are recurrent in Sargodha”, HRFP said in a press statement.
According to the victims, the Quranic pages were deliberately scattered in front of their factory, and the accusers swiftly mobilised a mob to attack.
During the mob attack, Nazir Masih, Sultan Masih, and their families were severely injured. Even as they were being transported to the hospital by ambulance, the mob attacked the vehicle, attempting to kill them on the spot. Despite this, the ambulance managed to escape.
Calling for justice for the Masih family, the HRFP said in a press statement, “HRFP is demanding protection and justice for the Masih family. Their team has gathered detailed information and evidence about the incident, visited the site, the police station, and the hospital, and interviewed involved individuals to ensure ongoing assistance.”
HRFP President Naveed Walter criticised the pattern of immediate mob violence following blasphemy accusations, questioning why the police are not called initially if a genuine offense occurs. He noted that mobs often follow the police and ambulances to inflict further violence, as seen in this case.
Walter emphasized the need for significant reforms to handle such situations before, during, and after they occur. He called for the repeal of blasphemy laws and stressed the importance of providing protection and justice for all blasphemy victims and their families, including those like Nazir and Sultan Masih who are falsely accused.
HRFP demanded immediate attention to this grave issue, calling for policy changes and the implementation of protective measures to prevent future incidents of violence against religious minorities in Pakistan.-ANI

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