Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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Amid the violence that has gripped Bishkek, the family members of Ayesha Shirin Roy, a girl from Gaurela Pendra Marwahi, who is stuck in Kyrgyzstan, said their niece is scared by the prevailing unrest and wants to return to her homeland.

Her family members said they haven’t been able to establish contact with her.
Speaking to ANI on Thursday, Susanna Roy, Ayesha’s aunt said, “My niece lives there. She is a fourth-year MBBS student. She is caught up in the prevailing violence and riots and is spending anxious days. Earlier, we would often stay in touch with her over the phone. However, after the prevailing cycle of violence erupted, we spoke last night but there has been no contact since 5 in the morning.”
“She (Ayesha Shirin Roy) said they do not have any information about what is happening outside as they are being sheltered under tight security. She said: ‘please call me back. I am very scared as situation is getting worse by the day. So, please use all means to establish contact with me’,” Sussana added.
She said her niece and other boarders at the hostel have been moved to a bunker as the hostel received information that it could come under attack.
“Amid these fights, riots, the hostel received information that it could be attacked. So, the dean shifted all the boarders to a bunker at another place where they could stay safe. The madam there has been ensuring the students’ safety,” she said.
Also speaking to ANI on Thursday, Ayesha Shirin Roy’s uncle said they had spoken to her yesterday but were unable to contact her now. “We spoke to her yesterday night. We are worried as we have been trying to contact her since morning today but haven’t been able to.”
Asked whether they are satisfied with the security provided to her, he said, “We are not fully satisfied. However, the university has provided security to her and fellow boarders. Security guards are fewer and rioters on the streets more amid the prevailing unrest. They are getting food only once a day. The outside supply of their food is being hampered. They are facing difficulties in sourcing food. If they get food from outside, the rioters might sense their presence and attacks might follow.”
He said they have urged the collector to take their worries to the authorities concerned and even spoke to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai, seeking his intervention in the matter.
“We have appealed to the Collector Madam here. After we took our worries to the CM, he spoke to my niece over there and assured her that the government would do everything to bring her back at the earliest.
In Bishkek, violent clashes have broken out among student groups, with reports indicating the use of batons by attackers. International students have been wounded after attackers forcibly entered hostel rooms.
Every year, a large number of Indian students join medical and other universities in Kyrgyzstan for further studies. At the moment, about 17,000 Indian students are in the country spread across many cities but most of them are in Bishkek, according to Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan press release.
Following the situation, the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan also shared an update that it has been working actively with the universities and senior government functionaries to address the concerns of the Indian students. Two helplines 0555710041 and 0555005538 have been functional 24×7 where students can continue to reach out to the Embassy for all kinds of assistance.
Students and their families were urged not to pay attention to rumours being spread by some mischievous elements. However, the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, on Thursday said that the situation in Bishkek has returned to normal.
In a post on X, the embassy stated, “Situation in and around Bishkek is normal and stable today. Flights to India are operational. Embassy is in contact with Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan to address concerns of Indian students. They can reach out to the Embassy for any assistance at 0555710041 and 0555005538.”
“The Embassy has been concerned at the recent incidents of violence against foreign students in Bishkek. However, due to swift action by the Kyrgyz authorities, the situation in Bishkek has returned to normal,” the Embassy of India in Kyrgyzstan said in a release.-ANI

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