Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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On the eve of the Resident Medical Officers’ strike, leading healthcare provider ProCare is calling for the government to re-assess funding for the entire healthcare workforce.

Dr Allan Moffitt, Clinical Director at ProCare says: “At 7am tomorrow morning, around 2,000 Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) are due to go on strike for 25 hours due to pay disputes. It is disappointing that we have got to this point, however, if we don’t financially compensate our healthcare workers appropriately, then we are likely to continue to see more of this type of industrial action going forward.

“In addition to increased strike action, we also risk losing this talent offshore where pay-rates are much higher, and cost of living is more affordable. Therefore, it is imperative that we appreciate and retain our new medical workforce through appropriate remuneration increases,” warns Dr Moffitt.

“Concern around the increasing disparity between SMO (Senior Medical Officer) pay scales and GP remuneration must also be addressed as a greater priority,” concludes Dr Moffitt.
Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at ProCare says: “We appreciate how difficult it is at the moment given the financial constraints the government is facing, however, appropriately funding the entire healthcare workforce is imperative if we want to retain our workforce and for our population to live well.

“With more and more patients finding it harder to either enrol with a GP or see a GP in a timely manner, it is imperative that take a ‘whole of healthcare’ approach rather than a piecemeal
approach. Providing minor increases in funding for small sectors of the healthcare workforce isn’t working. It is crucial that the government addresses funding across the entire healthcare sector, and with urgency,” concludes Norwell.
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