Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
glen kyen

Glen Kyne, the head of networks for Australia and New Zealand at Warner Bros Discovery, has announced his departure, coinciding with the final broadcast of Newshub.

Kyne has been overseeing the closure of Newshub, which has resulted in the loss of over 240 jobs. Alongside Stuff chief executive Sinead Boucher, Kyne also revealed that Stuff would be taking over the 6pm bulletin on Three.

In a statement, the company disclosed that Juliet Peterson, the senior content director, would assume Kyne’s position, effective July 5th, the same day Newshub airs its final program.

“It’s been a particularly challenging year for our teams,” Kyne remarked in a statement, acknowledging the resilience and professionalism displayed by the staff during this period.

Peterson emphasized the company’s shift towards digital content, particularly in the ThreeNow streaming service, indicating a “digital-first future.” Despite this digital focus, Warner Bros Discovery remains committed to television broadcasting, including the provision of news bulletins in partnership with Stuff.

However, Peterson refrained from commenting on the circumstances surrounding Kyne’s departure or the specifics of Newshub staff transitions. She underscored employee well-being as a priority and confirmed that departing staff before July 5th would not be eligible for redundancy payments.

Asia Pacific president James Gibbons praised Kyne’s leadership, noting his emphasis on empathy and kindness during the organization’s recent restructure.

Peterson will assume leadership of the networks alongside Kyne until his departure in July. She expressed her commitment to evolving the company’s portfolio in the Trans-Tasman market, ensuring top-performing channels and platforms for partners and audiences in both regions. TIN Bureau

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