Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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indian origin proff03 indian origin proff02 .The event began with warm welcomes extended to attendees and the introduction of Pushpa ben Lekinwala, the esteemed first Female President of the Auckland Indian Association. Her presence, coupled with insights from her journey as a third-generation Indian in New Zealand, created an inviting atmosphere. Organizers, including Jyoti Parashar, Leena Kalburgi, Ramya Negi, Rani Nalam, and Vishal Patil, were then introduced, highlighting their pivotal roles in orchestrating the event.


indian origin proff01Vishal Patil then introduced the distinguished guest speakers: Anup Mulay, Senior Talent Manager at RWA Technology People, and Siddesh Surve, Recruitment Consultant at ERG Recruitment Group Limited. Their expertise illuminated pivotal strategies for navigating the competitive job market, emphasizing the significance of personal branding, networking, and adaptability.
Throughout the Fireside Chat, attendees gained profound insights and actionable advice. Recruiters emphasized the necessity of continual upskilling and embracing change to maintain relevance in an ever-evolving job market. Networking emerged as a cornerstone of career advancement, with attendees urged to cultivate meaningful professional relationships.
The Fireside Chat featured esteemed panellists, each offering diverse perspectives and invaluable insights. An interactive Q&A session provided attendees with a platform to engage directly with the panellists, fostering enriching discussions and tailored guidance.
The Forum extends heartfelt gratitude to the Auckland Indian Association for generously providing the venue and refreshments, which significantly contributed to the event’s success. As attendees bid farewell, they departed with a renewed sense of empowerment and a treasure trove of actionable insights, poised to carve their career paths with confidence and purpose.
In essence, the Fireside Chat with recruiters served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, fostering knowledge exchange and community cohesion. As the Forum reflects on the wisdom imparted and connections forged, it eagerly anticipates future engagements to continue the collective journey towards career excellence and empowerment.
To stay informed about upcoming events, the Forum encourages individuals to connect via LinkedIn:
In conclusion, the Fireside Chat held by the Forum for Indian Origin Professionals on April 17th, 2024, at the Auckland Indian Association was an enriching experience, bringing together a diverse audience for an evening of enlightenment and networking. With insights from esteemed guest speakers and engaging discussions, attendees left with valuable knowledge and a renewed sense of empowerment. The event’s success was greatly attributed to the support of the Auckland Indian Association and the dedication of the organizers. Looking ahead, the Forum eagerly anticipates future events to continue fostering community cohesion and career excellence. -TIN Bureau

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