Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
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This weekend ACT Leader, David Seymour gave his State of the Nation speech. He outlined the challenges that loom outside our borders, the transformation needed within, and the vital role of the ACT Party in orchestrating these changes. I will summarise his speech for readers of Indian News.
Embracing Cycles of Renewal

Reflecting on New Zealand’s historical cycles, it’s important to recognise the pattern of rebirth that follows periods of frustration. Our nation has a remarkable ability to reinvent itself, emerging stronger and freer with each rebirth. Today, we find ourselves at the precipice of another transformation, a chance to shape a more inclusive, mature, and prosperous New Zealand for all New Zealander’s.
Global Challenges and the ACT Perspective

As we glance beyond our shores, the world appears tumultuous, with geopolitical dragons looming. New Zealand’s last government, unfortunately, has been somewhat asleep to these challenges. The global trend of democratic retreat raises concerns, especially as traditional allies bolster their defence efforts at an unprecedented pace. In this contested Pacific space, we need the courage to navigate a more perilous world.
Lost Decades and Urgent Reforms

The past two decades have been characterised by a denial of problems, governance without values, and the implementation of suboptimal policies. A lack of ambition has hindered our progress in addressing issues such as housing, education, and the erosion of liberal democracy. It is time for a paradigm shift, for real change that resonates with the concerns of New Zealanders.
The Call for Real Change

The media dubs our coalition as the most right-wing government since the 1990s. I view this as a for real change. We, the ACT Party like many people of Indian origin envision a government that celebrates individual success, upholds personal responsibility, and advocates for lower, flatter taxes. It’s about restoring the values that make New Zealand strong, unified, and productive.
Our Commitment to
New Zealand
ACT Party expresses its gratitude to the quarter of a million New Zealanders who put their faith in ACT, allowing us a seat at the Cabinet table for the first time. Our coalition agreement with National and New Zealand First is a testament to our commitment to delivering real change.
ACT’s focus will be on workplace relations, firearm laws, child welfare policies, environmental regulations, and a comprehensive review of the Resource Management Act. These changes are not mere promises; they are the first steps towards a more prosperous, unified, and respectful New Zealand
Treaty Principles: A Shared Vision

As we approach Waitangi Day, ACT advocates for a Treaty Principles Bill that rejects a divisive partnership model. We must uphold the belief that every New Zealander, regardless of ancestry, deserves equal rights. Let’s engage in a responsible dialogue, challenging divisive notions and embracing the Treaty as a commitment to freedom under the rule of law. If I were to draw and analogy it will be to seek a debate on writing a written constitution like Dr Ambedkar did for the Republic of India.
New Zealand stands at a pivotal moment, a juncture where real change is not only necessary but achievable. I urge you, the resilient and hardworking people of New Zealand, to be the driving force for this change. Let us chart a new course together, restoring power from distant government entities and politicians, and shaping a future that aligns with our values.

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