Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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India needs to openly work with New Zealand in agriculture sector

Former NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Tuesday said that India and New Zealand need to openly work in agriculture sector. He stressed that New Zealand has great expertise in the agriculture productivities sector.
While speaking at the event on “Partnership Pathway: New Zealand India Economic Relations alongside New Zealand’s Minister for Trade Todd McClay, he said, “I’m a great believer that it will greatly benefit India if you were to use New Zealand’s great expertise in the field of agriculture productivities. It’s a phenomenal destination as far as agriculture product productivity is concerned.”
“It does a lot of high-value production and India is an agrarian country. Almost 40 percent of Indians are in agriculture, but we need to increase earnings from the agriculture sector in a very big way and to my mind the real linkage movement between production to the end consumer through value-added production really holds just a key to that and there’s no better destination than learning the art from New Zealand. We need to openly work with New Zealand in this area,” he added.
Amitabh Kant noted that the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) should work with New Zealand in diary sector. He said, “You know we feel very protective about our farmers as far as the dairy sector is concerned and I am very clear about this that Fonterra etc are top class company giving massive amount of value added in milk. Now, we should not feel very threatened about it.
“We should get NDDB [National Dairy Development Board] to work with them. As you know it could be a strategic partnership so that Indian companies should gain from that and that will help us to get into a range of value of production in dairy sector. Their dairy sector is the most advanced in the world and I think there’s plenty to put India to get on that,” he added. –TIN Bureau

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