Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
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The results from the recently held elections in five Indian states are out now and its outcome should be a big lesson for all the parties involved in the fray. As always, a lot of mudslinging and a toxic outpouring of personal attacks took place against each other for the whole one and a half months. Personal attacks, fake narratives, false claims, and use of derogatory and abusive language for the rival party leaders has become the new norm now. This has created a new low in Indian political spectrum and most political parties are not ashamed of using this unethical tool to misguide the voters just to gain votes to remain in power.
The outcome of these elections should be a big tight slap on the face of Modi detractors and the rest of the anti-Modi nexus who left no stone unturned to create a false narrative of anti-BJP wave in the country. This nexus has succeeded a couple of times in misleading and confusing voters just before an election which gave them a confidence that they can repeat their trickery every time. I have said it many times that India has the misfortune of having the worst opposition in the world and they still hold this title with the same intensity. The Indian opposition parties combined have a few things in common that binds them together. All parties other than BJP are dynastic parties, they all are corrupt to the core, and they can go to any extent including going against the country and its people to gain power. This is what has been going in the country for some time as most political parties, led by the Congress party have hands in gloves with anti-India forces. They always peddle narratives of India’s enemy countries like China, Pakistan in the country to mislead people, to camouflage the good work Modi government has done in past nine and half years. The worst thing about all these parties is that they vehemently believe that voters of the country are gullible enough to get tricked every time.
Voters in these state elections have taught a lesson to this bunch of thugs in Indian politics that they should remember for long. Though these parties would ever mend their ways or try to understand peoples’ mindset, is still a distant possibility. In fact, I suspect they may get even worse in their greed for power and may stoop lower than before. One of the good things about these outcomes is that BJP doesn’t need to change anything in their strategy to conquer their rival parties in future. They just need to keep doing the good work sincerely and honestly, as they have been doing for past 10 years and people of the country are wise enough to evaluate who is doing what. India’s opposition parties must understand that they cannot keep cheating people with falsehood, fake narratives and lies for a long time. The people of India have already suffered it for many decades, during previous successive corrupt regimes and they are not ready to accept it anymore. People of country now want delivery on the promises parties make during elections, just talking big doesn’t work anymore. Also, people now understand which party delivers on promises and works for the wellbeing of its people and in the interest of country.
Even after a historic and overwhelming mandate by the people in the state elections, BJP cannot afford to be complacent at any time. The Lok Sabha elections are just a few months away and people of country have already made up their mind who they are going to vote. This should be something of worry for this government since in their fight for survival, opposition parties can do something very sinister and dirty that may put the government in tight spot. I am confident that Modi government thinks, plans, and acts much ahead of what their rivals can even contemplate. Winning Lok Sabha election in 2024 will be the pinnacle of Modi government and a stamp of approval by people of India for their good work. Government just need to be vigilant 24×7 and keep an eye on all the anti-India elements to not let them succeed in their any evil plans. -Yugal Parashar

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