Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Christopher Luxon

Last week, we finally had clarity on the final vote count from election night. The result was very much what we expected which is why I have been building relationships with ACT and NZ First these last few weeks.act and nationalThis week, I am continuing to negotiate with ACT and New Zealand First to secure a strong, stable, National-led government.
These talks are progressing well, and while I cannot put a time frame on their conclusion, I am aware that the sooner New Zealanders have certainty over the make-up of this government, the better.
Some are critical of my choice to conduct these negotiations out of the media spotlight. I do so as a matter of respect to the parties involved and make no apology for that.
Good faith is a cornerstone of successful agreements. The leaders of both ACT and New Zealand First are entitled to my full attention during these negotiations and the respect of confidentiality.
As with all negotiations, there will be concessions, and all parties realise there will be gains and losses.
However, my promise to you as Leader of the National Party is whatever form the new Government takes, the fundamental direction and intent of the policies National campaigned on will be honoured.
New Zealanders chose change, and we know that a National-led government will be a change for the better.
Better healthcare, better education, safer streets, and an economy that will boost jobs and reduce the cost of living.
As the negotiations continue, be assured that I will continue to put New Zealanders’ best interests at the centre of what we do.
I thank you for your confidence in a National-led government and your patience as we make sure the one, we form will be one that serves you well for many years.
-Christopher Luxon, is National Party leader, an MP from Botany and now the Prime Minister elect.

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