Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his happiness after meeting with Nobel Laureate Anton Zeilinger, a renowned expert in quantum mechanics and with four Austrian Indologists in Vienna, who have dedicated their work to studying Indian history and culture.

PM shared a post on X and stated that he had an excellent meeting with the Nobel Laureate adding that he acknowledged his work in the field, which will inspire future generations of researchers and innovators.
He also shared India’s efforts to promote technology and innovation, including the National Quantum Mission

“Had an excellent meeting with Nobel Laureate Anton Zeilinger. His work in quantum mechanics is pathbreaking and will continue to guide generations of researchers and innovators. His passion for knowledge and learning was clearly visible. I talked about India’s efforts like the National Quantum Mission and how we are nurturing an ecosystem for tech and innovation,” PM Modi said.
The meeting concluded with Zeilinger gifting PM Modi his book, accompanied by a heartfelt message.
“I am also delighted to receive his book along with a very touching message,” he added.

Following this, PM Modi also met with four Austrian Indologists in Vienna, Professor Birgit Kellner, Martin Gaenszle, Karin Preisendanz, and Borayin Larios who shared their extensive knowledge with the Indian Prime Minister.
“I had the opportunity to meet Professor Birgit Kellner, Martin Gaenszle, Karin Preisendanz and Borayin Larios. These are well-respected academics and researchers who have devoted great effort towards studying aspects of Indian history and culture,” PM Modi said on X.
The Prime Minister commended them for their role in promoting Indian culture globally.
“It was wonderful to hear their extensive insights. I commend them for their role in popularising Indian culture all over the world,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal also shared a post on X regarding PM Mod’s meeting with Austrian Indologists and stated that PM Modi had insightful discussions with the Indologists, adding that they discussed on various aspects of Indian culture, history, philosophy, and art.
“PM @narendramodi had insightful discussions with noted Austrian Indologists – Birgit Kellner, Martin Gaenszle, Borayin Larios and Karin Preisendanz in Vienna today. They exchanged views on Indology and various facets of Indian history, philosophy, art and culture,” said Randhir Jaiswal.
“PM inquired about Indology’s roots in and the impact it has had on its intellectual curiosity and scholarship. The scholars talked about their academic and research engagement,” he added.-ANI

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