Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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The first session of 18th Lok Sabha that began on 24 June with Presidential address and the newly elected members taking oath has ended on 3 July. This was a brief yet pivotal parliament session before the next session when first budget by the new NDA government is expected to be presented. The current Lok Sabha is mandated with a much stronger opposition this time hence it was expected that things will not be smooth for the Narendra Modi led government during this term. But despite BJP led NDA securing a clear majority to form government, some I.N.D.I. Alliance partners are already behaving as they have been elected to run the government or at least they have the licence to do anything.
The first session of new Lok Sabha witnessed a new low in the opposition parties’ behaviour, especially by main opposition Congress party, who can’t comprehend that after 10 years they are finally the main opposition party. Ever since Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been elected as opposition leader in the parliament, he is gone bonkers. He apparently believes that now he can speak lies with more authority than earlier and can get away with it as he has been doing in the past. It’s a different matter that he had to apologise many times in different courts of India including the Apex court, for his lies and wrong utterances. Rahul Gandhi is not one of those people who will learn from their mistakes or may try to improve their behaviour, he is rather getting worse by each passing day. He perhaps believes that his newfound status of opposition leader is a permit to attack anyone in the parliament or outside with all sorts of absurd and baseless allegations. It is so unfortunate that in India most politicians get away with whatever lies they speak and mislead the public by saying untrue things.
The basic intent of all such politicians is just to grab power anyhow even if they have lie for it or mislead the people by deceiving them with falsehood. The outcome of current Lok Sabha elections in India is the prime example of it, the lie and falsehood were spread so vigorously that it impacted people’s minds about making a right decision. This is BJP’s biggest weakness that they have a very timid and frail line of defence and they always loose to the falsehood of their opposition. This weak link of the party needs to be addressed on priority before it does more damage to their image. What Rahul Gandhi was doing outside Parliament earlier he has started doing it now in the Parliament where he has the immunity of not being prosecuted for his lies and false utterance. He took advantage of this privilege on Monday when he spewed venom against entire Hindu community by calling them violent, hateful and the perpetrators of lies. He was very careful and friendly while referring to Islam, Christianity and other religions but vociferously attacked Hindu religion and the community. This is his worst ever utterance against the entire Hindu community so far but in the process, he has exposed his hatred against Hindu religion and the community.

Never forget it was Congress party who fought against building the Ram Mandir for many years for which Hindus have waited 500 long years. Finally, the community got its rightful due through the legal battle of several decades. What Rahul Gandhi said in the Parliament is a sign of very dangerous days ahead for Modi government and if its not dealt with iron hands the nation should be prepared to face turbulent and violent times in coming days. Congress party and many other opposition parties have backing of India’s enemy counties and getting dictated and funded by the rogue powers. They will do everything possible to dislodge Modi government by creating discord within communities. They will try hard to divide society on communal and cast lines, so Hindus don’t get united. Tough times are ahead for Modi government and Narendra Modi needs to deal with it very cautiously and responsibly. -Yugal Parashar

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