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The Sindhi Sangat New Zealand (SSNZ) organised Sindhi Cultural Day Celebrated with Traditional Joy in at Western Spring Community Hall, Auckland, New Zealand. The vibrant Sindhi community of Auckland gathered in celebration on 16th December, to mark Sindhi Cultural Day. Over 20 families came together join the event to share their rich heritage, showcasing the beauty of Sindhi traditions, music, and food. Honourable Melissa Lee, MP and Minister for Ethnic Communities, Media and Communications and Economic Development also joined the event as Chief guest for the event.
Dressed in their stunning traditional attire, including colourful Ajrak, shawls and Sindhi Topis for men and women, the community presented a vibrant tableau of their cultural pride. The air was filled with the melodies of Sindhi folk songs and dances, captivating the audience with their rhythmic beats and energetic performances.
Beyond the festivities, the event served as a significant platform to highlight the importance of the historic Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in Sindh thousands of years ago. The community showcased their ancestral roots and the enduring legacy of their culture, passed down through generations.
Sindhi Cultural Day was a resounding success, strengthening the bonds of the community and fostering a deeper appreciation for their rich heritage. The event also served as a bridge to share their vibrant culture with the wider community, promoting understanding and fostering cultural appreciation in New Zealand.
“Sindhi Cultural Day is a vital event for our community to connect with our roots and share our heritage with others,” said Umair Memon, President of SSNZ, and event organizers, Muhammed Waseem Soomro, Ahmed Kashif Ghaloo, Naveesh Oad and Manoj Rathi said that “The participation and enthusiasm today were truly heartwarming, and we are proud to keep our traditions alive and vibrant in New Zealand.”
The event concluded with a sense of community and pride, solidifying the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique heritage of the Sindhi people.
-By Manoj Rathi in Auckland
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