Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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SAMAR JAI SINGH becomes first Indian student to be appointed Head Boy at Kings College!

A Milestone Achievement Marking Diversity and Excellence.
In a historic day for King’s College, a prestigious Auckland school known for its academic and sporting excellence, an Indian student Samar Jai Singh
has been appointed as Head Boy, marking a significant milestone in the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.
Samar, whose name has become synonymous with academic brilliance and exemplary leadership within the school community. This appointment is not just a personal triumph for him but a moment of pride for the entire Indian community in New Zealand, celebrating the breaking of cultural barriers in educational leadership.
The new Head Boy Samar has been an integral part of the King’s College community, participating in various academic. Music, Community service and sports activities. He is known for his outstanding academic record, leadership skills, and his active involvement in cultural and community service initiatives. He is captain under 17 Manukau Cricket, Kings first XI Cricket and currently under 17 Auckland training Squad.

“This is a proud moment for me and my family,” said the newly appointed Head Boy Samar. “I am honored to represent not just my culture but also the values of King’s College. I hope to inspire other students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams without any constraints.”
His vision is to make King’s College a place where every student feels valued and empowered to achieve their full potential, irrespective of their background.
This achievement is not just a personal triumph for him, but a milestone for our family and a beacon of inspiration for every Youngman. His appointment as Head Boy is a testament to the inclusive spirit that defines King’s College – a place where talent, dedication, and leadership are recognized and honoured, regardless of one’s cultural or ethnic background, said his proud parents Raj Singh and Ashima Singh of Legal Associates.

His appointment has been met with widespread praise and enthusiasm, both within the school and in the broader community. It is seen as a progressive step towards greater inclusivity and representation in educational institutions.
“His achievement is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young Indian students in New Zealand, showing them that cultural diversity is an asset and a source of strength,” said his proud parents Raj Singh and Ashima Singh.
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