Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
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Thdia 12e festival of lights, Diwali, signifies triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Diwali is the most important festival of all Indians (mainly Hindus) transcending all regional, ethnic, and religious boundaries. Diwali is a festival of joy, prosperity, and peace, observed by over a billion people in India and world over. Like all other Hindu festivals, Diwali also brings fresh hopes and new beginnings for the people in their homes, workplaces, and daily lives. All Hindus pray for the wellbeing of themselves, for the whole humanity and the universe since they consider the world as one family. This Diwali, the world needs these prayers for peace, prosperity, and stability more than any other time and will mean a lot to the world marred with tensions and wars.
These are not the best times for the peace-loving people in the world as a section of people across the globe is hell bent to drag the whole world into senseless mayhem and violence. In the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, some neighbouring Arab countries have also jumped into fray and there is no sign of a truce. Nearly two-year-old Russia and Ukraine war has completely destroyed the later but despite costing both countries dearly, All rules of a war are being broken and innocent civilians, women, children are paying the price by getting butchered in hands of these monsters. Some opportunistic countries are happy to fuel the war and busy foiling any peace efforts being made by some concerned leaders of the world. While the world is heading towards a catastrophe, the war mongers are only aggravating this situation. The neighbouring enemy countries of India are literally forcing the country to jump into the cesspool by provoking, intimidating, and creating unrest in the country. It appears there is a conspiracy being thatched silently against the Indian state. I believe and hope, Indian government must be keeping a close eye on all the anti-national activities going in the country.
Unfortunately, there is another war going across the globe parallel to these menacing wars and that is propaganda war of the same people with sinister designs. This nexus is so well knit and powerful that the entire network flings into action and start making noise in support of these aggressors to change the whole narrative and confuse people.. The main job of this so-called intellect brigade is creating fake stories, false narratives and distort the truth to make it look a complete lie. This nexus has been very successful in misleading the world so far with their trickery but are now getting exposed due to the counter narratives from the aggrieved side. While the foot soldiers will gather people on streets and make the loudest noise to grab world media attention, academia starts spreading fake news to gather peoples’ sympathies. This war is certainly much harder to fight as common people at large are not as organised and prudent as this close-knit nexus is. So far, they have succeeded in dividing the world into two factions and a section of some gullible people are already supporting the aggressors and terrorists.
This Diwali hence is more significant for all the peace-loving people of the world today as more & more humans appear to have been losing the basic sanity and humanity. The outcome of any war is always destruction and devastation and even if you win in a war humanity loses every time. Let’s all pray this Diwali that good sense prevails in the minds of all warring groups and the peace is restored at the soonest to save the humanity from a certain extermination. –Yugal Parashar

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