Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

To start with, it was hard to believe in all the promises made by Sukin for all the goodness its hair care range provides. But it was heart touching to know that those promises were not half kept. With no further filter and gushy words, it can absolutely be said that Sukin hair care products are here to take care.

Picture credits: Vritti Parasher

Picture credits: Vritti Parasher

‘Natural Volumising Haircare’ range’s shampoo and conditioner by Sukin is currently loved by my hair. After trying many hair care products, I can assure you that you would be more than happy to purchase this hair care range.

Depending on your hair type and need you can explore the range Sukin has to offer, it’s simple, like they say, “it’s only natural.”

Born and made in Australia, the products are 100% carbon free, vegan and cruelty free. The emphasis on being animal friendly is loud and clear, so much so that they do not even believe in using animal derivatives like lanolin, or animal by-products like honey or beeswax.

While they write and talk about this on their website and social media, they prove it also! They are transparent about the ingredients they use; you can immediately make out as soon as you use them.

This is exactly what happened when I first came across ‘Natural Balance’ shampoo and conditioner. After a session in epsom salt water in float culture (pods where you can float and relax your body), I was spectacle about the fact that how can this shampoo wash off all the salt build up on my hair.

The result was surprising. My hair felt light and weightless, they were soft, smooth and felt repaired. Apparently, I say so because the hair was dry, damaged and bleached with split ends. Even then using Sukin shampoo for the first time felt good.

Next, I was obsessed with finding the right shampoo and conditioner for myself. The more I researched and read about Sukin the more I wanted to invest in the range.

Black Friday and Christmas sales were an icing on the cake, and with the ongoing discounts I did not think twice and got myself ‘Natural Volumising’ shampoo and conditioner. To say the least, I can confirm my hair are in good hands and never have I ever felt so much content with the products I have used till date.

Its’ literally true when they say no complications, no hidden surprises and no to long list of synthetic chemicals. Try them to believe in the natural goodness. – Vritti Parasher (more such articles can be found on her website or follow her on Instagram handle )

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