Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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Austrian Indologist Borayin Larios met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday in Austria’s Vienna.

Sharing his experience of meeting the prime minister, Larios said that he felt honoured and surprised to meet PM Modi, adding that they discussed about Indology and other areas of research projects.
Larios said that Austria had a long tradition of studying Indian languages and cultures.
“It was very moving to see the orchestra play Vande Mataram on the news. It’s true that Austria has a very long tradition of studying Indian languages and cultures for a very long time,” he said.
He also expressed hope that discussion with PM Modi on research would only boost the visibility of their work.
“Having PM Modi here in Austria today and yesterday will boost the visibility of our work. We had the opportunity to meet PM Narendra Modi who invited us here to discuss our areas of research,” Larios said.
Speaking to ANI, Larios said that it was a great honour to see PM Modi interested in his research topics.
“It was a great honour and great surprise to see the Prime Minister so interested in our research topics. We had a rather extensive conversation on the different areas on which we research here in Vienna in Indology which is studying Sanskrit and different projects that we have worked on,” he said.
Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer took to his official X handle and informed about the agreements between Indian and Austrian technical universities. He said, “In the areas of science and research we are very close to concluding an important cooperation agreement between Austrian and Indian technical universities.”
He added, “This agreement as well as further partnerships will considerably enhance our cooperation in the fields of pharmaceuticals, education, technology, digital infrastructure and space technology. Austria brings considerable expertise, know-how and innovative power in this areas to the table.”-ANI

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