Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
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The much-awaited consecration ceremony of Shri Ram mandir in Ayodhya has finally concluded with lot of frenzy and fanfare. Around 8,000 invited people from all walks of life were part of the historic, once in a lifetime event that created ripples across the world. The Ram Mandir hysteria just doesn’t slowdown in fact it is increasing by every passing day. The name of Lord Ram is connecting the entire nation from north to south and east to west giving sleepless nights to those who dream of dividing India on reginal ground. The ruling Bhartiya Janta Party and its coalition NDA will of course be the direct beneficiary of this historic feat of a billion people, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if BJP and NDA create history by wining a record number of seats in general elections in April 2024.
Narendra Modi’s popularity is reaching new heights with each accomplishment, one after other and people of India are enjoying the ‘Amrit Kaal’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon complete 10 years of his reign and looking back there is lot for him to be proud of. India has progressed leaps and bounds in ten years’ time and from 10th largest economy of $1.7 trillion, it has reached to become 4th largest economy in the world of 5 trillion. Narendra Modi is hitting the nail right on target whether it is India’s economy, defence, or world diplomacy. Modi’s India doesn’t identify itself with any faction or camps and takes its independent stand on all matters keeping national interest on the forefront. Today the entire world is facing one of the worst recessions of present times, but India is marching ahead with pride and head high. World organisation like World Bank, IMF and financial institutions are in awe to see India’s GDP growth rate and the smooth pace of economy. Major economies of the world are on a downward trend post Covid while others just struggling to keep afloat but under Modi rule India is doing wonders. Countless mega projects worth billions of dollars, spread across the nation are nearing completion and India is sprinting on the path to become a developed nation soon.
In his 10 years tenure Narendra Modi has set the tone for India to become a developed country and has created a befitting infrastructure network to support his mission. Modi detractors simply fail to understand that even by building a Mandir not only he is restoring the pride back in a billion people but at the same time reviving India’s ancient religious economy. This is going to be very big, and Modi will be killing two birds with one stone. Narendra Modi government has already created a robust network of basic infrastructure and facilities across the country that will bear fruits in coming years and there will be no looking back then. Enemies of India and Narendra Modi in particular, are well aware of the grand plans of government, hence in desperation they keep making noise about anything he does. Everything possible was done to stop the construction of Ram Mandir both inside and outside of India including running smear campaign and spreading lies about historic facts. The worst effected by Modi’s grand plans and visions are India’s opposition parties who are clueless on what grounds to oppose him now. The lies, false narratives and misinformation don’t work anymore, and people of India are now smart enough to understand the truth.
The Ayodhya Ram Mandir is going to change the landscape of country forever and will help unite all communities irrespective of their religious background and thrive the religious economy. People’s frenzy to just have a glimpse of their dear Lord Ram is bringing them in hordes to Ayodhya from across the globe. Most people coming to Ayodhya are astounded to see the complete makeover of a small town into an international destination. Surely this is just the beginning, and the impact of Ayodhya Shri Ram Mandir will soon pave the way to establish Ram Rajya in India. -Yugal Parashar

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