Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The winter session of current Lok Sabha has ended a day before the scheduled time amid
unprecedented scenes of chaos, ruckus and theatrics resulting in expulsion of record 146 opposition
MPs from both Houses. Like all previous Lok Sabha sessions in past 9-1/2 years, opposition combined
was hell bent to disrupt to this practically last session before the general election in April next year
since now government will sit only for a short budget session before elections. The opposition
parties know this is an elected government with full majority and there is no way they can stop it
from functioning, making new laws and bringing changes. So the best way they find to stop the
government from functioning is to disrupt proceedings of Parliament so the government fails in its
endeavour to make laws and to bring reforms in country.
This is a very cynical and vicious approach of Indian opposition parties since on the whole, welfare of
the people is not their main agenda. Whether it’s a national party or any regional political parties,
they all are like a family enterprise for them and their main motto is how to benefit them not the
people who elect them. These parties are happy with the present political set up as once elected,
the politician and their family make fortunes out of the opportunity. Corruption is the second name
of politics is India and there will only be a handful that are in politics and not involved in corruption.
In fact most politicians in India now treat doing corruption as their birth right and they find nothing
unethical or immoral about it. The newest political party of India, Aam Aadmi Party is the biggest
and the worst example of this. All leaders of this party from top to the lowest ladder are involved in
all sort of corruption charges and they very proudly call themselves ‘Kattar Imandaar’ or the dead
honest. Their main leaders are in jail for corruption charges for several months and their top leader
is just dodging his turn by evading summons from investigating agencies.
This is pretty much similar situation with other parties too that are member of the opposition parties
INDI Alliance. They all are family enterprises or dynastic parties and only work in the interest of their
families and their party. These parties have nothing to do with the wellbeing of the very people who
elect them to power, if this was not the case India would have been a much better place then what it
is today. These opposition parties see Modi government as a threat for their existence since this
government is determined to uproot the corruption and putting all corrupts behind the bar. Hence
all corrupts have huddled together and made an alliance to defeat an honest government so they
can continue their corrupt reign. The best technique these corrupt parties developed was to not to
let the government work so later they can blame the government of its failure.
Modi government sensed their intention this time and was prepared to finish its business in the last
session of Parliament. A government doesn’t need opposition in Parliament to pass any laws but it’s
very unfortunate in a democracy so to happen. It’s only the opposition parties to be blamed for this
situation since there ploy to halt Parliament boomeranged and government could pass all the new
historic and revolutionary bill to make new laws. Modi government must be praised for showing the
courage of getting rid of absurd and irrelevant centuries old British laws made by our former rulers.
This should have been done by previous governments long ago but for than you must have people’s
welfare on the forefront. You need the courage and conviction of a Narendra Modi to take these
historic steps; it can’t be work of a selfish, corrupt and short sighted politician. What Narendra Modi
has done for India in less than 10 years was not done in previous 65 years and he is consistently
world’s most popular leader for a reason. Hope opposition parties still learn their lesson from the
repeatedly shameless acts they continue doing otherwise people of India are ready to teach them a
lesson in the coming Lok Sabha elections in 2024 by throwing them out once again.

-Yugal Parashar

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