Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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“Big fan of David Miller for past 10 years”: Shahrukh Khan

Uncapped Indian all-rounder Shahrukh Khan is a keen ‘David Miller’ admirer and is looking forward to batting alongside the South Africa star after being acquired by Gujarat Titans in the IPL Auction 2024 for Rs 7.40 crore.
The 2022 IPL champions Gujarat Titans snapped uncapped all-rounder Shahrukh for Rs 7.40 crore. It was Punjab that engaged in a bidding battle for him, with Gujarat coming out on top.
Shahrukh, who was a part of Punjab Kings last season but was released, entered the auction with a base price of Rs 40 lakh. PBKS opened the bid at 40 lakh, and Gujarat Titans quickly joined them. The bidding for the uncapped player was fierce as the Rs 1 crore mark was quickly passed with the bidding increasing gradually. In the end, Titans snapped Shahrukh for Rs 7.40 crore.
“I’ve been a big fan of him for the past 10 years. He’s the guy who comes in big games. He’s the guy who wins big games. To be playing alongside him I’m looking forward to lot more. The way he’s calm under pressure and the way he’s played for SA and GT,” Shahrukh Khan told the IPL broadcasters.
Shahrukh, who is overjoyed to be joining GT, revealed that he will bat at No.6 or No.7 in the Gujarat Titans batting order.
“I’ll be playing at No. 6 or 7 for sure. The way I look at it, I’m ready for anything. I’ve batted at No. 4 in tournaments in Chennai. The way Gujarat Titans have made their players comfortable, I’m very happy to go there,” Shahrukh added.
“We’ve got 4 Chennai boys and great to be a part of that squad because of the way they’ve played the last 2 years. 100% can bowl. Got my bowling going in the TNPL and that helps here to. Definitely want to chip in with the ball if given the opportunity,” Shahrukh said. -TIN Bureau

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