Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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As we come to end of yet another strenuous year clouds of turmoil, chaos, and volatility loom over most part of planet. The ongoing wars between Russia and Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas show no signs of stopping any sooner to bring some much-needed respite to its people. And like all wars, the only outcome of these wars has been just destruction, devastation and loss of precious human lives. In any war, it’s always common man paying the price for the greed of power and show of supremacy of its rulers and the current ongoing wars are no exception. In this year alone, these wars have displaced millions of people from their homeland and killed tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians.
India has been maintaining a neutral position so far without being part of any warring faction despite pressure tactics from world powers. Sadly, United States is fuelling both wars and seems to continue it for eternity just to hold its place of superpower. China, on the other hand continues doing the same dirty job behind the scenes of fuelling wars and relentlessly keep working against India. There is no parallel of China in the whole world when it comes to greed of grabbing territories of its neighbouring counties. China has a long history of conspiracy, deceit, and atrocity against its own people and its neighbouring counties. Both United States and China today face the biggest challenge from the emerging world power India, and this is giving sleepless nights to leaders of both countries. Ever since the emergence of Narendra Modi as the most popular world leader since last 9 years, leaders of United States and China feel insecure about losing their place as world leaders. These two leading world powers can’t see India’s emergence as a formidable world economic and military power and will do everything to stop it and they are already doing it.
Intelligibly, these powers are leaving no stone unturned to stop a third come back of Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Hence these world powers are meddling in every internal matter of India in their bid to stop Narendra Modi. To achieve their goal, millions of dollars are being pumped both by China and United States by using some corrupt Indian opposition parties against Modi government. Although all hopes of this anti-Modi gang were dashed after the astonishing outcome of recently held state elections in Hindi heartland of India. These election results have stamped the comeback of Narendra Modi in 2024 Lok Sabha elections with a thumping majority. India’s political arena is going to change forever after the inauguration of Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. While some political parties understand and do feel the under current within the majority community, most members of anti-Modi gang are oblivious to this fact. Hence they come up with a new trick after every failed venture.
The latest drama in this series is of security breach in the new Parliament by a group of 6 young political activists, all having affiliation to these parties. This was a yet another failed venture of this anti-Modi gang as they do not have anything to voice against this government after 10 years of a stain free governance. This government has taken India to become the fourth largest world economy in only nine years and will soon become five trillion economy. India’s adversaries and corrupt leaders can’t digest the imminent rise of India since they see it as end of their political careers if India emerges as world power. For past many decades, few world powers, and corrupt Indian politicians consciously connived to keep India and its people deprived of any progress and development.
India’s time has come, and no amount of trickery, conspiracy or deception is going to work against this government. People of India now understand this dirty game of country’s enemies and they stand in solidarity with the man who works honestly and tirelessly only for their welfare and for the welfare of the country. Hope with the inauguration of Sri Ram Mandir in the new year, people of India will see a new era of Ram Rajya in India. -Yugal Parashar

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