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A Year of Triumphs: Celebrating ACT Party’s Resounding Success in 2023

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As we bid farewell to 2023, it is time to reflect on a year that has seen New Zealand’s political landscape undergo significant transformations.
The Coalition Government of ACT, National and New Zealand First has been on a mission to dismantle outdated policies, with the impending removal of the Natural and Built Environments Act and the extension of 90-day trials to all businesses.
These changes signal a departure from the norm, embodying what can only be described as Real Change.
The Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (ACT) has emerged as a major player in this shift, celebrating its most successful year since its establishment in 1994. The credit for this remarkable achievement goes to a diverse combination of volunteers, donors, and candidates who worked tirelessly to propel ACT to new heights.
The highlight of the year is undoubtedly ACT’s unprecedented Party Vote, securing the highest number of Members of Parliament in its history. In a ground-breaking move, the party clinched a second general electorate, a feat not accomplished by a third party in decades. With 5 Ministers in Government and a Deputy Prime Minister on the horizon, ACT is gearing up for a substantial policy agenda that promises transformative change.
The driving force behind these accomplishments is the collective effort of a multitude of individuals who often go unrecognized. Volunteers, motivated by a desire to break free from the shackles of red tape, were instrumental in erecting eye-catching pink hoardings across parts of New Zealand. These unsung heroes played a crucial role in bringing attention to ACT’s message, symbolizing the power of grassroots activism.act logo
Despite facing criticism as the “Party of big money,” ACT remains a movement fuelled by the contributions of over 13,000 individuals who made financial commitments since the last election. This overwhelming support underscores that ACT is, at its core, a testament to people power, contrary to the left’s narrative.
The financial backing enabled ACT to circumvent mainstream media hostility and directly engage with voters through an extensive campaign of public meetings and paid advertising. Tens of thousands of people attended town hall and street corner meetings, exemplifying the enduring strength of town hall democracy and civil discourse.
Over sixty individuals stepped forward as candidates for ACT, demonstrating a commitment to representing the party at the grassroots level. Their willingness to sacrifice privacy and anonymity for the greater cause is commendable, embodying the spirit of true public service. The year also saw tens of thousands becoming advocates for ACT, recognizing the power of word-of-mouth persuasion in democratic processes. Their efforts, convincing friends, family, and colleagues to support ACT, played a pivotal role in the party’s success.
Central to ACT’s triumph is the tenacity our leader, David Seymour. Taking over a party in negative equity, he navigated through unprecedented hostility and successfully delivered a record-breaking result. Seymour’s dedication has not only benefited those who sought freedom but has also left an indelible mark on New Zealand’s political landscape.
As the ACT Candidate from the central Auckland electorate of Mount Roskill, I express my gratitude to every supporter, volunteer, and advocate who helped me shape the ACT Campaign in New Zealand’s most ethnically diverse electorate. It is evident that the success of ACT is a testament to the strength of collective action. To the 246,473 individuals who entrusted ACT with their Party Vote, the next 3 years hold the promise of a substantial return on that trust.
As the year draws to a close, this column, like the Indian News Team, will be taking a brief break. In the meantime, let us savour the victories of 2023 and look forward to a future shaped by the positive changes initiated by ACT and our resolute supporters and volunteers.


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