Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
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Renowned community leader, philanthropist and businessman Roshan Nauhria says that we need to vote this election to change this government if we want to restore the law and order in New Zealand. Talking exclusively to the Indian News, Roshan Nauhria said that he has been in the country for over 50 years, but he has never seen this kind of law-and-order situation where people do not feel safe on the streets or even in their homes. He said this six years rule of the current Labour party government has been one of the worst tenures of any party so far, whether it was Jacinda Ardern or now Chris Hipkins as the Prime Minister.
Roshan Nauhria expressed his deep concern about the situation the small businesses of New Zealand are facing today due to the worsening law and order in the country. He said theft, burglary, ram raids and violent attacks on business owners are now order of the day and poor business people are always living under constant fear for their lives. Unfortunately, one of the worst affected communities from all this are the people of Indian community who run small businesses like dairies, restaurants, and other shops. Many people from the Indian community have lost their lives during these criminal and violent attacks and several others seriously injured in last few years. Roshan Nauhria accused the government of being too soft and lenient with criminals and said they care more about the offenders than victims. He said the funding given to the gangs for their welfare is the example of this, they have never shown such empathy towards the victims or their families.
Roshan Nauhria further added that he is not a member of any political party including National party, but he doesn’t support policies of Labour party which are anti-business and anti-people. He said we New Zealanders can’t afford this situation for too long which is going on for six years now. He said if we have a National-ACT led government after this election then law and order, inflation, and cost of living crisis will improve significantly because they have a better track record on this than the Labour government. He said a National led government will certainly have a better fiscal management and put a check on the wasteful expenditure of this government. National party has already announced to bring back three strike legislation and harsher punishment for offenders to improve law and order situation. Roshan Nauhria said that if there is peace and order in the country, prosperity will follow automatically or else we will keep losing our people and good talent to other countries.
He appealed to all communities to not to fall prey to small gains by getting some support from the government but think about the future of our children and future of this country. If our nation is safe and prosperous then only, we all can have a better future here, which this government has miserably failed to deliver. -as told to Yugal Parashar

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