Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

The Lok Sabha elections in India are still at least six months away but the kind of frenzy and the panic is seen within India’s opposition parties and their opportunistic alliance called I.N.D.I.A. has started to show their fear of a lost battle. All opposition parties, individually or jointly as alliance have no clue on how to fight with the might of Narendra Modi so they are stooping to the lowest level of politics to counter him. It appears that at their last meeting at Mumbai it has been decided to increase their frontal attack in form of disinformation and spreading lies against Modi government and try creating a confusion among people.

As we know, India has just hosted a very resoundingly successful G-20 summit at New Delhi from 8 September to 10 September where the top leadership of world’s 20 most powerful countries and some invited head of states were in New Delhi for a couple of days. It is believed that conspiracies were hatched by the nexus of these parties, a section of sold media and some vested foreign powers, to anyhow disrupt this grand event, which was so crucial not only for India but for the whole world. India should be the only country on the planet where its opposition parties can go even against their own nation in their bid to opposing the government on everything. As everyone knows, this so-called alliance is nothing but a bunch of corrupt dynastic political thugs who have been looting the country since independence. Since Modi government is slowly bringing them to justice and making them pay for their sins, they all have now ganged up and fighting jointly for their own survival. It’s a shame that these people talk about saving the constitution or saving the country and taking money at the same time from India’s enemies to work against the country.

The irony is that these thugs, in the guise of politicians have been doing this unchecked for so many decades, one generation after other and now they have started believing that to loot the country’s resources and wealth is their birth right. If someone like Narendra Modi wants to put a check on it, they will be after his blood, come what may. Look at this stupid man from Tamil Nadu whose only qualification is that he comes from a dynast family of same political thugs, is openly appealing people to eradicate the Sanatan Dharma. There are many politicians in India in every party who have Hindu names, but they all are crypto Christians who have converted to Christianity recently or may be few years ago. So, whenever these neo-converts open their mouth, they only spew venom since hatred for Sanatan was the very basis of their conversion. The weirdest thing that happened after this utterly toxic comment is all other parties of this alliance are supporting this stupid person for his foolish act, just to oppose Narendra Modi. The Apex Court of India which takes cognizance on several irrelevant matters, chose to ignore such an inflammatory and stupid utterance that too by a minister in the government. It is simply unthinkable if the same utterance was done against any other religion in India, the same people would have been crying from roof the top. This is the ugliest face of Indian politics and since the very existence of these thugs is at stake now so be prepared to witness many more such dirty gimmicks in coming months.

I have been writing this for some time now that the world is sitting on the brinks of a catastrophe, and it can happen anytime, anywhere. Political volatility is just a small part of the larger destruction this world is going to face soon. We Indians should consider ourselves fortunate to have got a leader like Narendra Modi who even in such turbulent times, is leading India with pride and head high. He is consistently world’s most popular leader for a reason, alas the world understands him more than some of his own people. It is simply because this bunch of brainless, greedy, corrupt and dynast thugs considers Narendra Modi a threat for their very existence. –Yugal Parashar

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